Welcome to Nagaramachi

cherry blossom trees

Nagaramachi is positioned right at the heart of the Boso peninsula of Chiba prefecture.
Rich nature, characterized by its tranquil rustic scenery, lush green hillside, and the Nagara dam filled with ample water, is what makes Nagaramachi different.
Longwood Station is right next to the Nagara dam, one of Japan’s largest earth dams.

Shizuko Lake (reservoir) created by the Nagara dam is adorned by a red bridge, the Nagara-ohashi Bridge, and the contrast between the bridge, rich green of the rural landscapes, and the blue waters fascinates those who visit the scene.
A 4.4km long trail surrounds the lake, and 3,200 cherry blossom trees bloom to beautifully color the lakeside in pink.

Longwood Station is positioned at 100-110m above sea level, full of minus ion, making it a perfect destination for the health conscious.

Monthly average temperature

Monthly average temperature

Source: Meteorological Agency/ Monthly rainfall for 2012 in Mobaramachi (Mobaramachi is neighboring town to Nagaramachi)

The climate is comparatively mild, making it pleasant around the year, although there are some differences in temperature between the northern and southern parts of the town.

Monthly average precipitation

Monthly average precipitation

Source: Meteorological Agency/ Monthly precipitation for 2012 in Mobaramachi (Mobaramachi is neighboring town to Nagaramachi)

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